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What is a Kangaroula?

A Kangaroula is very different from a doula! A doula focuses on the mother’s needs during labour and birth. A Kangaroula also focuses on this, but advocates primarily for the baby during labour, birth and the first 1000 minutes of life.

A newborn baby at birth is not helpless! He or she is a very wide awake human being with a brain adapting to life in the outside world.

Everything has changed:

  • From dark to light
  • From peaceful to noisy
  • From held tightly to the uncontained wide world
  • Breathing for himself
  • Learning how to suckle and feed himself.

All of these changes are being wired into his brain.

If he can have a Kangaroula speaking for his needs, and minimising stress in the transition and empowering mother to read his stress signals, he will cope better and his brain will be wired for peacefulness and his needs supplied. This is especially important for small or preterm babies.

Conversely, if the baby is very stressed at birth he can become epigenetically wired for coping with stress, with effects seen in adulthood. This stress can be minimised by keeping him on his mother who is his familiar SAFE PLACE and caring for mother and baby as a unit or dyad.

Why do a Kangaroula course?

As a doula you are there to support the mother through labour (giving her encouragement, reassurance that her body can birth her baby, many comfort measures, information on interventions, support etc.).

But as a Kangaroula™ you are there with the mother through the labour supporting her as a doula does, but also speaking for the baby (e.g., delaying having an epidural will mean that the baby will be less flat at birth.) Importantly you are there in the birthing room supporting the baby and speaking for their needs to be met. It is a crucial time and skin to skin contact can help baby stabilise and breathe well.

You will learn how the sensory environment at birth affects the baby and how to teach parents to read their baby’s signals of stress and what to do to calm them down. You are empowering mothers with practical things they can do to protect their baby’s brain development. You will learn how brain wiring takes place and the importance of sleep and breastfeeding in the first day of life.

This is new Neuroscience. Come and find out!


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